Men take longer than women to get ready

That’s according to the latest research by Superdrug which found that men spend more than 80 minutes per day on personal grooming. That would include
shaving, skincare, hairstyling and making up their mind on what to wear.

Beauty writer Zara Rabinowicz is even blaming the recession for this sort of behaviour and was quoted as saying that men want to look at their best to impress colleagues and bosses in order to keep their jobs. What next? When there is no recession, the argument is probably going to be to impress their female boss in order to get a pay rise.

If they are so worried about keeping their jobs, why not cut down on the 80 minutes grooming and spend more time at work? Male employees are still being judged on their performance, not on their looks unless they happen to be in the showbiz industry.


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