An invasion of leopards

leopard animal
Have you too noticed the proliferation of leopard prints on women?

It used to be racy underwear for women that had leopard print patterns or other animal patterns on them and this even ventured to men’s underwear! Fortunately, these were well hidden from public view.

Since the end of last year, there has been a proliferation of animal print patterns and especially leopard prints stamped all over women. You can now find women
sporting this pattern on shoes, handbags of course, hairbands, warm hats, gloves, the leggings de rigueur, tops and blouses and who know what else. Oh yes, those women bold enough to wear all of these at once (roll eyes here).

There is nothing new with these clothes and accessories. Leopard print handbags have existed for a while now although pumps with similar patterns were more of a rarity. Hats as well have been seen around and it was only a matter of time before the popular leggings came out in this pattern too. Well, now the look seems to be wear as many of these as you can.

Where will the leopard go next? Can we expect it to leave its print on car upholstery? What about on the exterior of the car itself? On baby prams? Then let’s put it on Baby too. How about our carpet at home in this pattern? A very matching look will be the bedroom outfitted with this pattern, from the bed covers, pillows, cushions and curtains, to of course the woman lying on the bed… covered from the head with a leopard print warm hat to the toe with matching boots.

Hello, leopard!


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