Fashionable traditional weddings

It might seem that marriage is no longer the institution is used to be in the UK. Yet figures contradict this impression. In fact, the traditional white wedding is still going strong and building up every year. The Office of National Statistics reveal that the number of weddings held in traditional venues such as hotels and stately buildings have gone up for the year 2008. What does this mean for couples who want to tie the knot in a traditional wedding ceremony?

Get prepared
Brides and grooms will find lots of support and information to make their special day memorable. Many couples start their research from word of mouth and research in wedding magazines to fish for ideas. Wedding venues need to be booked early, even years early for those in very high demand. Kew Garden on the outskirt of London is a popular wedding venue for the upper class. If your wedding dream does not extend that far, then a classy local hotel with a garden could be a good choice.

Once the wedding venue has been chosen, don’t forget decorations. It’s best to employ professionals for this as the appearance will really set a lasting impression on the guests. Wedding organisers can spend a fortune on flowers only but the amount of money spent is not all. What makes a wedding decoration truly outstanding is the attention to detail only a true professional can give and make keep your wedding up-to-date with the latest fashion. Matching the flowers, balloon, table covers, cutlery, chairs, outfits, everything works in symbiosis for the big day.

The Perfect Wedding Magazine states that most brides and grooms opting for a traditional wedding seek a sophisticated and smart fashion look, whether for clothes, venue and the decoration.  A traditional white wedding is still very high on most young women’s list and many of them try to stick out of the crowd by putting a unique spin on their wedding, whether that be the venue, the wedding cake or a really exceptional decoration.

The key in making this big day memorable is not how much you spend on it but the amount of preparation you are willing to put in or get hired professionals to put in for you and most importantly the ideas you or others will implement for that day. Use magazines and talk to friends and family to come up with a truly original theme: venue, outfit, events for the day. Some even take their guests abroad. Will you be one of them?


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