Hand bags demystified

You can say that it is just a hand bag and you never thought about a handbag matching your clothes. If you want to look nice and appear to have good taste you should choose your handbag carefully.

The colour of a handbag

People are saying that black handbags are best as they suit to everything. Yes, it is true, but if you wear only white clothes your handbag should be white as well unless you have a different colour on you – then you can have a handbag in this colour. During summer a black handbag is not useful, it looks heavy and attracts the sun. It can become very hot and uncomfortable to carry.

Examples of how to match a handbag with clothes:
  • Red shoes + red scarf + red handbag; rest of clothes can be in any colour
  • Yellow shoes + yellow handbag; rest of clothes can be in any colour
  • Black jacket + grey trousers + black, grey or dark brown handbag
  • Black trousers + white jacket + handbag which can be in jacket or trousers’ colour

Choosing the right handbag

Always try to have something in the same colour as your handbag so that you appear to have colour-coordinated your outfit and carefully thought about what to wear to the last detail. Other women do notice these small details. If you are going on a party take small handbag, for example an elegant baguette handbag or a clutch handbag and avoid  big handbags that look like a shapless suitcase as it would look like you are going on a trip instead of a party.

During summer stow your black handbag and favour summery handbags instead such as those with floral designs and in light warm bright colours  (red, yellow, green for example). Be careful not to wear clothes with a handbag of different pattern, for example, striped clothes with a flower pattern handbag. If you want to wear you latest summer handbag with floral prints, match it with plain clothes. Or if you wear a top in floral prints, match it with a similar patterned handbag; a striped top can be matched with a striped handbag.

Finally, always take a handbag with you, specially if you are going to have an important appointment or interview – if you don't know what to do with your hands, you can always clutch your handbag.


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