Let the season guide your wardrobe

Are you wearing the same type of outfit throughout the year? Do you just add a sweater or a coat as the weather gets colder? Let nature be your guide as to what to wear according to the season. Follow this simple guide.

Wrap up for the cold
With winter comes the opportunity to don headscarves, headwear, coats, and tights if you are a woman. Accessorise as required and ensure your colours match throughout. Winter is no the best time to wear bright bold colours, unless you are living under the tropics! Thick materials are also the right time of the year to be worn, so go ahead with tweed, wool and thick leather. When buying clothes specifically to keep you warm, such as a coat or a sweater, you want to make sure that the percentage of wool is as high as possible. This is mot often reflected in the price but all clothing should have a label describing the composition of the materials used. So do not let price be your only guide and shop and dress intelligently.

Come spring and layers fall, dark, gloomy colours give place to lighter shades and thinner materials. It’s not quite fully warm yet so lighter versions of winter gear will still be needed. But just as nature comes back to life in spring, so you should use this opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and through out what is no longer in use. Brighten up, spring has come.

All summery
Summer is the season to be bold and bright. What other time is there to wear white trousers and go out in just a shirt? Less is more as long as you keep your look smart. When going for bright colours, make sure you don’t end up looking like a rainbow.

As autumn makes its way into our garden, so your outfit should reflect the changes happening. Colours take an earthy tone while blends tend to imitate the gamut of shades the leaves are going through. Tights and leggings depicting leaves, ferns and vines are perhaps he ideal time to showcase as well as light jackets in earth colours.

Let nature be your guide as new seasons make their way in and past seasons bow out.


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