Slimming effect of gladiators sandals

Did you ever think gladiators sandals were just a glorified version of a normal pair of sandals? Think again because they are heels’ direct competitors: they have the power to make you look slim.

Head over heels
It is well known how heels can make women appear taller and therefore slimmer. This is the main reason why women would go through all the pain of tottering in 10 cm heels at the expense of loosing their balance or putting their feet at risk of long-term injury. There are some who swear by platform shoes and yet others, more radical ones, who prefer shoes without heels. Who hasn’t seen Lady Gaga in her heeless platform shoes? And who also hasn’t seen her making a splash on the floor at Heathrow Airport in these very unique shoes?

Now you can put all these gimmicks behind you and if you have been walking around in gladiators sandals, revel in the knowledge that you were already one step ahead of everyone else in the footwear fashion stakes. Gladiators sandals make women look slimmer just as heels do but without the need for them. Just compare 2 women with the same type of figure, one wearing flat sandals and the other flat gladiators sandals. Which one looks slimmer?

Stand taller
What differentiate gladiators sandals from plain old sandals are the straps. These wrap up around a woman’s calves and helps to make her legs appear to blend in with her footwear. The final effect is that her legs appear longer instead of abruptly ending in sandals.

If you have been avoiding heels for whatever reason yet always wanted to look slimmer, now you can enjoy gladiators sandals in the knowledge that you are not missing out on heels. However, if you are one of the heels brigade who can’t go out without them, or if you need more than just gladiators sandals to slim down for an important occasion, then boost them up by wearing gladiators sandals with heels. Why not?

Slim women beware; there is no need to couple these sandals and heels as you will end up looking too skinny. Enjoy the fact that you can wear the usual sandals without appearing to have stubby legs. Also don’t wear trousers with gladiators sandals – you don’t want to hide them, do you?

Gladiators sandals were last year’s summer must-have, they stay this summer’s craze and will probably still be hanging around next year. They look great and make women look great too so if you can benefit from them by walking a little taller and a little slimmer, why not?


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