The bin atrocity

Is fashion restricted to the person? Fashion Comments would like to take it further, to the streets. Literally. The bin atrocity describes the practice of dumping your bins on the pavements once a week for rubbish collection.

While fashion usually refers to style, the look and appearance nevertheless matters. So should the look and appearance of our streets. This weekly practice of putting the bins on the pavement is an eyesore. They don’t just stay there for one day but longer. Some take out their bin the day before, some put back their bin the day after .And it gets worse. Bins have been seen to be blown over when it gets very windy and they end up all over the pavement and sometimes on the road.

… And dangerous
If bins take over the pavement, where do pedestrians go? If you are holding a small child by the hand, the bins force you onto the street. The presence of pavements means motorists are confident that pedestrians will use them. They are not expecting pedestrians to walk on the road alongside the pavement.

If it’s easy for pedestrians to sidestep the bins, what about wheelchair users? Pavements specially have a slight incline to level them to the road and allow wheelchairs easy access to them but when the bins take up all the space, there is nowhere for wheelchair users to go.

The easiest solution to this problem would have been to leave your bin in your garden but put them close to the gates for easy access for the binmen. However, binmen are instructed not to take bins unless they are on the pavement.

So until that changes, you are forced to contribute to making your area an eyesore and a danger every week.


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