Dead workers aren’t fashionable

So says Sam Maher, co-author of Labour Behind the Label's Killer Jeans report which was published last Monday.

The pressure group Labour behind the Label explains in this report the fact that sandblasting jeans to give them an old and worn look can cause
respiratory disease which can lead to death. The silica dust used in this process is fine enough to get into the workers lungs and causes a condition known as silicosis. The report highlights the fact that several High Street names, such as Asda and Primark, are continuing to sell these sandblasted jeans, at the expense of the workers’ health.

Other retailers like Marks and Spencer have already banned those jeans. Guilty retailers have said that they will phase out the sale of these jeans by next year. This means in the meantime, they are cashing in on the sales which workers are dying as a result. Who said fashion couldn’t kill? Or to keep up with the puns, these are killer jeans all right.

Your move next
So what can we do about this? Keep up with fashion but not at the cost of other people’s life. This is too high a price to pay and you don’t want this on your conscience. Retailers need us customers and if no one buys these sandblasted jeans, they will quickly take them off the shelves in less than a year instead of trying to cash in for as long as possible. So fashionistas, vote with your feet and avoid buying anymore of these killer jeans.

Shop instead in confidence in one of the stores that have already banned these garments.


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