Boldness combination

Has the recession taken a bite out of your clothes budget? Are you bored with wearing the same clothes over and over again? Wondering on how to make your usual attire go further? Here are a few tips to try different combination of clothes but are you bold enough to try them out?

Are you among countless others wearing the popular tunic? Maybe you are wearing them with trousers or leggings. For a night out, get rid of these leggings or trousers. Your tunic is now a mini-dress and with your legs on show who will remember what clothes you are wearing?

It’s winter and you are probably wearing a scarf to keep warm. Use that scarf around your waist as a belt or if you dare to bare, wear it as a mini-skirt.

You can finish off these look with high heels or platform to accentuate your slim legs.

Now don’t say you don’t know what to wear. You only have to be bold enough.


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