The British man’s grooming routine

Shocking survey results reveal men borrow tweezers from their partner to perfect their look and even use hair straighteners.

A survey by Sheila’s Wheels reveals that nearly 4 in 10
men regularly borrow their partner’s tweezers for grooming while 7% go as far as using hair straighteners.

What surprises us is why are they not buying their own tweezers? Why can’t their partner just give them a pair of tweezers for their birthday? Are these men brave enough to face tweezers but too shy to own them? Let’s not forget they already went as far as admitting to using tweezers.

And what of hair straighteners? What are we to assume of this 7%? Is this 7% of all men or 7% of all men with long hair? That makes a big difference. Most men have short hair and quite a few have no hair, whether due to the razor or due to age1. First we need a survey to find out what is the fraction of UK men with hair long enough to use a straightener and then we can find out how many do use one. It could end up being that nearly all men with long hair use straighteners. They already take a long time to get ready.

We hope in this case that their partner has not forgotten to advise them to use a hair protection lotion against the heat generated by the straightener.

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