Getting your look right on the first date

Overdressed or underdressed? Getting it right

It is very difficult to decide what to wear for your first date. You would like to shine and impress your date but you should remember that it is better to be a little bit modest than to look unusual like a celebrity – to have too much paint and show too much flesh.

If you would like to keep our date for longer than an evening or two, you should aim to wear your usual comfortable clothes – if he/she sees you in your usual daily attire and is happy with you, it means that you don’t need to change anything. Just to show that you are prepared for your meeting, you can change a shirt or top, comb your hair and put a small dose of perfume. Be careful not to go overboard with leopard prints and
make-up but do go for clean and ironed clothes.

You want your future partner to concentrate on your personality, to love you for who you are, not how you look, how you are dressing.

If you have a great figure, no need to hide it under wraps – if you have it, flaunt it, we say – but that does not mean that you should wear too revealing clothes; tight clothes on body parts you are happy with sounds like a good middle ground.

What you should not wear on your date

·        If you wear a skirt, don’t show too much as your date will be paying attention to what you show him instead of what you have to say, unless this is what you want.
·        Avoid deep décolletés, unless you want your date to admire you for your beautiful bust instead of your beautiful soul.
·        You should not wear too modest or unfashionable clothes that would look more appropriate on your grandmother. If you wear your grandmother sweater and jacket don’t be surprised if your date thinks of you as a motherly figure.

A few examples and tips for your date

For women:
·        jeans, low heels, smart top with small décolleté or no décolleté
·        skirt up to our knee (not too loose, not too tight) +top
·        leggings + tunic

For guys:
·        T-shirt + jeans +sport or smart shoes
·        Shirt +jeans + shoes on every occasion (casual shoes)
·        modest rose for a  girl

As a guide, imagine you are taking a friend on a date and how you would dress up for that friend. Smart, casual, clean and tidy but not over the top nor scruffy.

Remember to wear only clothes in which you feel comfortable and not to have too much make-up, otherwise next time your date sees you without your face paint, he won’t recognise you.

Too much make up = you have something to hide

You should be relaxed; if your potential partner will enjoy your company, even if you don’t wear the best clothes in their opinion, they will like you and will close their eyes over this small mistake.

If your date after that first meeting won’t want to meet you again, it won’t be for sure because you did not dress properly unless you showed as much as you could!


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