Are you under snow?

Winter has well and truly come with the freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall we have seen recently. Have you been able to go to work despite the snow? Have you been able to go out at all? Partying or even just shopping? What does the cold weather, snow and icy conditions mean for your fashion?

After our piece on dressing up for the seasons, this season is particularly challenging. Do you brave the snow and dress as you would like or do you dress accordingly? Our take: it’s best not to challenge this particular winter.

Healthy first
Put away your high heels, your autumn boots and take out the woolly hat, mitten gloves and thermal underwear. You don’t want to risk breaking a leg on an icy patch because you decided going out in heels was more important. You don’t want to end up with pneumonia because your coat would spoil your looks. You don’t want to be one of those at the office with a cold because you thought you would look ridiculous in a woolly hat.

Fashion second
Hat, scarf and gloves can and are part of winter’s fashionable look so even if you don’t like them or think they don’t suit you, there is always a fashionable way to dress up warmly for the weather and include these items. There is no need to feel cold to look glamorous. You can dress up in layers to keep warm yet still look sexy.

So it’s best to keep warm and stay healthy this winter. Go out, go shopping but dress warmly and have fun so come spring, you’re ready to turn into a new leaf and enjoy a new look.


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