Make leggings work for you

Leggings are now ubiquitous, making their appearance on every occasion. Charlotte Church was seen wearing a pair of PVC leggings on a UK chat show a while ago. What makes leggings so popular? They are form-fitting and stretchy, making them very comfortable to wear but also very revealing. Guys love seeing women in leggings that hug every contour of their lower body and reveal all their curves. That in itself makes it just too easy to make a fashion faux-pas. So how do you make your leggings work for you? Are they to be worn like trousers or should you
cover them up like tights?

Mistakes to avoid with leggings
You should never wear leggings like trousers. Instead, they should be treated like tights, being thin and form-fitting. This means you should keep your bum covered at all times to avoid looking indecent. Since leggings are very form fitting, it draws attention to places that don't need attention! You wouldn’t go out wearing just a short top and tights, would you? So avoid wearing leggings with only short or sheer tops.

What to Wear with Leggings 

Leggings are great for most occasions. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. They are great to run in because of their comfort. They look sexy on a date and are even being worn in the office, as long as they are sufficiently covered.
Wear them with a long t-shirt, a short dress, a mini-skirt or even with a scarf tied around your waist

Dress your leggings according to the season: wear thick ones under shorts in autumn and winter, wear thinner ones in spring and maybe none at all during a scorching summer.

Get the colour right

It must be getting harder and harder to choose the right pair of leggings due to the abundance of variety – what colour, what pattern to pick from? Aren’t leopard print leggings too tacky?
Black is the staple colour since it is a flexible colour which can be worn with any other colours. If you have thick legs, then black is your colour of choice to give the appearance of slim legs. It is best to wear black or dark leggings with mini skirts, shorts and graphic tops. They go well with unfussy and laid-back outfits.

Keep the bright, loud and thin leggings for spring and autumn and don’t wear them with too many other bright patterns. A plain top or tunic would suit patterned leggings and vice versa.

Types of leggings

Footed leggings are similar to tights. They come in thicker than tights selections and are best during colder months.
Ankle-length leggings are the ones most commonly worn and can be dressed up or down.
Stirrup leggings - with strap attached to the bottom that goes under the foot. They are kind of ankle-length leggings, but you should avoid wearing them with smart dresses and business casual or cocktail wear. These leggings should be worn for fun and casual occasions.
Jeggings - look like tight jeans. They are made of elastic material in jeans colour, so if you can not say bye to your jeans maybe jeggings would be just for you!

You should now feel comfortable not only wearing leggings but also choosing the right ones to complete your look.


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